England make History and break the hearts of New Zealand

England win over defending champions New Zealand at Netball World Cup Semi Finals

Netball Corner

8/5/20232 min read

After a goal for goal solid three quarters, the roses turned up the notch to win the Netball World Cup semi-finals against defending champions New Zealand by 6 goals. For the first time in Netball World Cup History, the Roses go through to a final. This makes England part of the only four countries to do so. Historically, only New Zealand, South African and Australia have ever played in a Netball final. This is also the Roses first time to defeat the Ferns at a Netball world cup.

The performance of defending champions has been rather underwhelming. They seem to be struggling to find space in the circle after the loss of Grace Nweke and were unable to turn much ball against the Roses. They went goal for goal with the roses for three quarters, but it all fell apart in the final quarter as England came up with two intercepts in the last 5 minutes of the last quarter thanks to Fran Williams and Imogen Allison. The final whistle blew with 46 – 40 in favour of the Roses. The Ferns hopes of defending their title is lost. They will now play for the bronze medal against the loser of the 2nd semi-final.

Heartbreak for the Ferns but history for the Roses who have put out a solid performance from the very start of the world cup and are yet to lose a single match. They secured a historical win against world’s number one Australia in the preliminary stages, earning the top spot in group F.

All hope is up for England as they head on to the final with the goal of winning the gold medal. England will compete in the final this Sunday against which ever teams win the second semi-final which is Australia against Jamaica.

This world cup has proven to be full of surprise wins and results. Will this be the year that the finals look a bit different? Those hoping for a change in world ranking hope that the Jamaica will take the win over Australia, but many would say that the Aussies have can weather any storm. Lets see who England will face after this afternoons second semi final.