Netball Fever Hits Gauteng! Rising Stars and Courtside Dreams:

Midrand Royals take on Hurricane academy in friendly match

2/18/20241 min read

Rising Stars and Courtside Dreams: Netball Fever Hits Gauteng!

Preseason training is wrapped, and local netball fever has hit Gauteng hard! This week, netball corner was front and centre at the Midrand Royals netball academy friendly showdown matches against the Hurricane Academy, also from Midrand.

The showdown consisted of matches with U11, U13, U15, U17 and open team going head-to-head.

Hurricane academy displayed complete dominance on the court, taking home the W in every single match. The team proved to be rock solid from the very first game of the U11 team, with one of the shortest players on court, the GS, putting up most of the shots. With equally lethal GA working hand in hand.

“We are an academy, and we want to create pro players from an early age” said Hurricanes coach Mahlatse. The team, which may have seemed like underdogs from Claysville, show cased the skill and disciple the academy instilled by the academy.

While the Midrand royals had an unlucky day on court, the future remains bright. Coach Thato and Tshepang are completely dedicated to the development of their team. Having only began the team in 2020 the team has grown in strides. This coaching team is also responsible for training Curro High in Sagewood, that has seen increased performance ever since they took over.

Here is the score breakdown:


Hurricane Academy 17 – 3 Midrand Royals

Open team:

Hurricane Academy 14 – 10 Midrand Royals


Hurricane Academy 12 – 7 Midrand Royals


Hurricane Academy 8 – 5 Midrand Royals


Hurricane Academy 10 – 3 Midrand Royals

As the games drew to an end and the final whistle blew, one thing became clear, there is plenty of netball talent to go around!

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