Spar Proteas in another Do or Die match against Uganda

Proteas hanging on to semi final hopes by the smallest of margin after draw with the Silver Ferns.

Netball Corner

8/3/20231 min read

After a thrilling match against the New Zealand Silver ferns, the Spar Proteas find themselves in yet another do or die match against the Ugandan She cranes.

The match against the Silver Ferns was a thriller of a clash with Pumza Maweni coming through with an incredible intercept in the last 15 seconds of game and Nicole Taljaard finishing it off with a superb goal in the last two seconds to secure the Proteas a draw against the Silver Ferns. The score ending 48-48. What does this mean for the Protea’s? The answer is complicated.

As it stands, Jamaica and New Zealand remain top of group G ladder, with South Africa 3rd on the ladder. The draw with the Silver Ferns leaves the Proteas with a chance to sneak into the semi-finals. But it all depends. The Proteas have to secure a massive win against the She cranes and the Silver Ferns have to lose to Jamaica. The fate of which is not in their hands.

The Jamaicans will face New Zealand at 11am on Thursday 3 August and the Proteas will face Uganda at 4pm. The goal difference between the She Cranes and the Proteas will be the deciding factor on where they finish on the ladder as they aim for 2nd position. The Proteas would have to beat Uganda by 54 goals and New Zealand would have to lose to Jamaica by about 20 goals. Is it possible? Only time will tell.